Why I’m Done with Weight Loss Direct Sales Companies

Why I’m Done With Weight Loss Direct Sales Companies

Sick and Tired


I decided to create this website to write about the things I love to do as well as the things I struggle with.

Weight loss is definitely the #1 thing I’ve struggle with.  I’ve always been “pudgy” and being only 5’1″ it shows.  My typical adult size is a size 14.  I’ve been as high as a 16 and as low as an 8.  But it seems like no matter how good I do with my weight loss, I always come back to that 14.  I’ve taken my weight loss journey to direct sales so that I would be putting myself out there, making myself more accountable, and hopefully making some money in the process.  We, like so many other families, live paycheck to paycheck, and anything I can contribute to the family is helpful.

I’ve been with 3 different companies over the last 5 years.  My first company I was really passionate about.  It promoted exercise and healthy eating habits as a lifestyle change.  Not only did I spend more than I made, but as soon as I suffered an injury my weight went back up.  It was after this that I joined another company.  A company with a drink that you would have once a day to promote weight loss.  And I had the most success with it.  That was when I went from a size 14 to an 8, and I was sponsoring people and getting new customers from sharing my journey daily.  It made it easier to eat better and exercise when I had results.  But when that product changed and many stopped having results and started gaining weight, including myself, my journey with that company ended with another gain.  Same thing happened with the last company I was with.

And the scariest thing about these companies is that around the time I would be struggling and not having results with their core product, they would come out with a product designed to bust through the plateau.  The logic in me said that it wasn’t just me struggling, but enough people struggling that they had to come up with another product to avoid losing even more customers.  Soon, you are spending even more money and adding more products to take that SHOULDN’T be needed because the original product SHOULD be doing it’s job!

I felt like a fraud with my youtube videos showing my results that now had completely stopped.  So I stopped making them, and even almost a year later from when I stopped promoting my last company, the videos I have out there are still getting people finding me on facebook asking to buy it.  And I’ve told each one of them the truth, that I was no longer promoting the company or it’s products because I no longer had results with it.

And I must be crazy because I have to admit, I recently tried yet another product.  And I had results with it.  I used it for about a month, and in that time I lost 12 pounds.  BUT, I also started a new workout program and I started eating a lot healthier during that month.  I decided to do a test and for the last 2 weeks I’ve not been on the product and I’ve lost another 6 pounds.  So are these weight loss aids really necessary?  I used to be completely for these products.  I always felt that if one of these products could help you have immediate results to motivate you into changing your lifestyle, then they were a blessing.  But if those results are short lived and you fall right back into old habits out of frustration because the product isn’t working…..then reality is YOU haven’t changed your lifestyle at all, you’ve just learned to let a companies product do the work for you.  And this isn’t good, this isn’t going to create those life long habits you need to embrace.

In the last 6 weeks of my Living Natural journey I’ve been studying as much as possible and slowly changing my worst habits in a way that doesn’t cause such a radical switch that my body freaks out.  To give you a few examples of what I mean….the workout program my husband, son and I are doing, is 3 days a week, so I’m not beating myself up in the gym or doing the crazy workout programs I’ve done in the past.  And trust me, with my sore hips, bad knees and bad ankles, I probably couldn’t handle those workouts anymore. I’ve also begun juicing, but I’m keeping it to a smaller glass and only once a day.  I may graduate to a full on juice detox and share that here, but I’m just not ready to handle that yet.

I feel a little bad about the Direct Sales companies though.  I’ve had a struggle with not wanting to flat out tell friends from these companies that I’m DONE.  That last product I’ve tried, is simple, it works, the companies comp plan is good, really good, in fact.  I know that I could sell the crap out of it. I could post one short video and link and probably make $400+ in a matter of a couple days.  But I haven’t done it.  I haven’t joined, and that little voice in my head holding me back from this great extra income, is something to really listen to. I’ve had this internal struggle of not wanting to lead myself and others down that path again.

Instead I’d rather come here, to this new website, and share the beauty of what I’m learning and doing without any of these companies and their products.  To truly be the “coach” I’ve always wanted to be.  To inspire those who have also struggled their entire life and are sick and tired of it.  I’m ready to mold myself into not just the smaller me, but the healthier, happier and ultimately richer me, by no longer allowing those companies to control my day and my life. 

If you are ready to join me, you’ve taken that first step!  The next step is to sign up to receive my FREE Getting Started Guide to Better Health and start your journey right beside me.  Click HERE (coming soon) to get your free copy RIGHT NOW!

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