DIY Project – Painted Inexpensive Wire Baskets From Target

Today I did a very simple project that looks fantastic.  I’ve been scouring Antique Shops, Flea Markets and Yard Sales for old metal baskets.  You can even go into Hobby Lobby and other Craft stores and Home Decor stores and find new versions of these baskets.I love the look of them.  And if you are a “Fixer Upper” addict such as myself you know these are HOT functional decor items for your Country, Farm House Style.  Only problem is, the Thrifty Gal in me doesn’t want to spend the $25-$50 per basket many places are charging for the old or new baskets.  Yes, I can use 40-50% off coupons but that’s still too high in my eyes.

Last week I almost had a heart attack when I walked into Target and right there in the Dollar & Bargain area were these thin wire baskets with chalk board signs for just $3.  My problem was there was only three left, 2 were white and 1 was green.  I wasn’t digging the plastic coated look to them, but I knew I could easily spray paint them.

Target Baskets

First, I removed the chalkboard signs and then grabbed a can of Krylon Aluminum/Metallic Cover Maxx Spray Paint and got to work spraying the baskets.


To make sure I got all angles I rotated the cardboard and sprayed in short bursts.  Once dry I flipped the baskets upside down and not only got the bottom painted but any other areas of the basket that I missed before.  Then it was simply a matter of letting them dry, flipping them over, and attaching the chalkboard labels again.


Now they have a look of the more expensive wire metal baskets that are so popular right now, without the hefty price tag.  The hutch I put these on is one of my next painting projects, but I can’t wait to fill these with my fruits and veggies. It’s time to check out a few more local Target stores for more baskets!  I think this one can of spray paint, which I already had, would cover at least 5 more baskets.


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