Simple Lemon & Honey Blackhead Remover

A Simple Lemon & Honey Blackhead Remover


Thankfully I don’t get too many blackheads anymore.  My husband does, and complains about it.  From time to time he has asked me to buy the strips to put on his nose.  In the past we’ve put the strips on together and had fun peeling them off, but we never noticed too much change with them.  So, when he asked me if we had any left I decided to do some hunting and found a very simple solution to try out together.

All you need is a Lemon and some Honey!


Cut the lemon in half and put a few drops of honey on the lemon and rub on your nose and even your entire face, like I did.  I would make sure you have an old shirt on, just in case, as this can be drippy.  But as it was dripping near my mouth and I would lick it, lol, it actually tasted quite good, so I didn’t mind the drips.  Let it sit on your face about 5 minutes and then rinse!


My face dripping in lemon & honey

When you are all done you will notice that many if not all your blackheads are gone.

My husband, Matthew, was the better test subject.  I didn’t really have any to begin with but I can say that putting it all over my face made my skin look brighter and feel a LOT softer.  For that alone I will use this simple rub whenever I feel the need.

But it’s Matthew’s results that blew me away.  Before I post his before and after picture, let me comment on his nose in both pics.  He is a hairy guy, including a pesky few hairs that like to grow on the tip of his nose, normally he plucks these, you do see one of those hairs in the before picture on the left, after we rinsed I said it looked silly and grabbed my razor and shaved the hair off before taking the second, after picture!  Other than that little difference you may notice, the results for removing his blackheads surprised us.  It worked pretty well.  It didn’t remove 100% of his blackheads, but he can do this little trick a few more times and probably see them all disappear pretty quickly.

Before & After Lemon Honey Blackheads

Try it out for yourself and let me know if you notice a difference in your blackheads!

 trader joe's honeyWe used Raw Organic Honey from Trader Joe’s for this.


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